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About The Northwest Showdown

At the Northwest Showdown, we're dedicated to providing high school athletes with an unparalleled experience. Our mission is simple: to offer a platform where athletes can showcase their talent, gain valuable exposure and compete at the highest level.

For high school football players in Idaho, the Northwest Showdown represents more than just a competition—it's an opportunity to measure themselves against top-tier talent from surrounding states. By facing off against teams from across the region, athletes have the chance to prove their skills, elevate their game, and demonstrate what Idaho football is all about.

We believe in the power of competition to inspire growth and excellence. By bringing together teams from diverse backgrounds and regions, we create an environment where athletes can push themselves to new heights and learn from each other's strengths.

Northwest Showdown Board of Directors

Joel Schneider

Executive Director

Danielle Brazil


Judd Benedick


Bryan McMartin


Tanner Tallan


Get Involved With The Northwest Showdown

Reach out today if you or your organization is interested in sponsoring or supporting The Northwest Showdown.

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